Silver Shooting Star Ring Eternity Love Band Adjustable Stars Gold

A delicate shooting star ring from the Egret collection. 

The delicate star fits beautifully around the finger, it moulds across as if in motion resembling a shooting star 

Material: Silver & Gold-Plated Copper.

Size: adjustable

Star size: 3mm

The symbol of a star has always been steeped with awe and wonder, you only have to stare up into a clear night’s sky to experience the total realisation of inner peace and absolute insignificance all at the same time. Stars are majestic and untouchable it’s no wonder they have constantly been an inspiring sight for humanity. How many times have you gazed up into the heavens and made a wish? Or used the term, “Reach for the Stars,” to encourage someone you love?

Stars are absolutely amazing, they are basically enormous balls of gas held together with nothing but the power of their own gravity. In a way, they are the ultimate representation of self-reliance and resourcefulness.

Stars are symbolic of divine guidance and protection. The star of Bethlehem representing the guidance of god whilst the star of David is a powerful protection symbol.

Stars have come to represent many different things throughout our history but the most recognised image (the picture you see when you close your eyes and imagine a star), that star has over-time become a symbol of excellence.

If there is one image that is bursting with symbolism it is the Star. Motivation, Protection, wishes and spirituality, the Star represents all of these.

For as long as we have been gazing up into the night skies we have been using the stars for navigation, whether that is spiritually or directional, they have been a constant reminder that there is something bigger than us. Stars are not merely shining bright lights marking our way through life but also a measurement in which we gauge our own unique brilliance.

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