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Amethyst & Howlite Beaded Wrap Bracelet Mala Beads OM Necklace

Amethyst & Howlite Beaded Wrap Bracelet Mala Beads OM Necklace

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A beautiful Howlite & Amethyst wrap bracelet from the Egret collection, showcasing the natural beauty of Amethyst and Howlite gemstone beads. The bracelet is skilfully crafted with elastic cord for a comfortable fit.

Material: Amethyst | Howlite | Elastic | Gold Alloy

Length: 45-47cm Bead

Width: 8mm

108 Mala Beads

Amethyst is renowned for its powerful healing properties, assisting with physical ailments, emotional issues, and energy healing. It is also associated with balancing the crown chakra and promoting restful sleep. This versatile stone can simultaneously stimulate and soothe the mind, offering a sense of tranquility and clarity.

A Mala is more than just a string of beads; it serves as a tool for manifestation, meditation, and a reminder of your life's direction. Made with natural gemstones, sandalwood, or Rudraksha seeds, Mala beads offer a tactile guide during silent meditation and mantra recitation. When choosing your Mala, trust your inner voice to guide you towards the set that resonates with your intentions and personal journey. Each Mala represents something unique and meaningful to the wearer.

Embrace the harmonious blend of beauty and spirituality with this Howlite & Amethyst wrap bracelet, and let it be a cherished companion on your path of self-discovery and healing.

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