About Us

Natural Gemstone Jewellery with Meaning

Welcome to Egret Jewellery, your destination for meaningful jewellery that goes beyond just aesthetics. We are a passionate family-run business based in the UK, dedicated to providing stunning and fashionable pieces that hold a deeper meaning to our customers. 

Our journey began in 2012, starting with local markets and evolving into the online store you see today by 2014. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for all things natural, our founders recognised the need for jewellery that carries a deeper meaning. Thus, Egret Jewellery was born, offering a collection that combines beauty, quality, and profound significance.

At Egret Jewellery, we specialise in curating pieces that hold immense value to our customers. While natural gemstone jewellery is our specialty, we also offer a diverse range of jewellery that caters to personal growth and spiritual guidance. From symbolic pieces to silver jewellery, our hand-picked selection has something for everyone.

We understand the power of jewellery in enhancing personal well-being and self-expression. That's why every piece you purchase from us comes with an accompanying card, sharing insights into its unique meaning and symbolism. Whether you seek the healing properties of gemstones or the symbolism of meaningful designs, we are here to guide you on your journey.

Our team follows the teachings of the law of attraction and believes in spreading positivity and gratitude wherever we go. We strive to create a positive and inspiring online shopping experience for our customers, ensuring that each piece you choose resonates with you.

Thank you for joining us our journey. Explore our collection and discover the perfect piece that reflects your authentic self. Shop now and experience the beauty of our jewellery.

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