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Feather Onyx Ring Sterling Silver

Feather Onyx Ring Sterling Silver

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Meet the "Feathered Onyx," a stunning sterling silver ring from the Egret Collection. This one-of-a-kind piece showcases a striking onyx stone elegantly nestled within an intricate feather design. Crafted from stamped sterling silver, it's a unique addition to your jewellery collection.

Material: Stamped Sterling Silver

Ring Size: Adjustable from 7.5 to 10 (M-T)

Height: Approximately 1.4cm

Onyx possesses the wonderful ability to harmonise the chaos of daily life, creating a sense of calm that anchors you to the earth. Its grounding effects provide solace amidst the stresses of the modern world. Historically, onyx was a symbol of protection, adorning swords, and shields to safeguard warriors in battle. It stands as a talisman of strength and self-mastery, linking you to your physical being, roots, and family ties.

The feather embodies a connection to nature. Feathers have long been revered as symbols of inspiration and transcendence. In Native American cultures, they hold a special place as messengers from the spirit world, bearing messages of hope and guidance.

The "Feathered Onyx" ring is more than just jewellery; it's a powerful symbol of inner strength and tranquillity. Wear it as a reminder of your resilience and connection to the natural world.


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