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Egret Jewellery | About Stackable Bracelets | A guide to wearing bracelet stacks

The bracelet has been a large part of our daily dose of jewellery for a long time now. They have been a status symbol, a reflection of our styles and even a small glimpse into the person we are striving to become.
Wearing them for decoration and status may have started as far back as 7,000 years ago. We’ve come a long way since the first Egyptian women started decorating their arms with pieces of bone and wood.
In today’s society, we are bombarded with choices, we can wake up in the morning and decide that today we are going to be a career girl by delicately draping on a Farfetch diamond bracelet, perfect for the office. Later, we get home, throw our shoes off, slip on our favourite little black dress twinned with our staple Alexander-Mcqueen cuff bracelet and become a sultry goddess by nightfall.  
But what about the new trend to hit our streets? The stackable bracelet...
Here is a style that allows us to recycle our old, much-loved bracelets of times gone by and pair them - or even triple stack them - with new deliciously subtle, or delightfully extravagant bracelets of our future. It is inexpensive, organic and it can change day to day, even hour to hour, depending on your mood or destination.
So how to get the right look for you?
Well that’s easy, start trying them on! Start off with what you feel comfortable with, as your confidence grow’s with matching styles and themes so will the size of your layers. Have fun with it and make sure your style evolves from day to day.
Wrap bracelets are a great way to start off, they come in different sizes and colours so you can choose the perfect balance of bracelet for you.
Try looking at for some design ideas.
Pair a wrap with a beaded bracelet or friendship bracelet to give it that layered look. Choose different sizes, patterns and colours, try using different materials and shapes.
Most of all have fun with it and don’t forget to add a little you with every layer!
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