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Sterling Silver Ball Spinning Ring

Sterling Silver Ball Spinning Ring

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Discover peace and relaxation with our "Spinning Spheres of Silver" Fidget Ring from the Egret Collection, thoughtfully designed to provide comfort during moments of anxiety and stress. Crafted from stamped sterling silver, this stunning ring features an intricate band dotted with movable silver spheres, offering a soothing tactile experience.

Material: Stamped Sterling Silver

Width: 3mm

Sizes Available: M - 7, T - 10

The "Spinning Spheres of Silver" Fidget Ring is your go-to companion for moments when you need to unwind and find balance. The gentle motion of the spinning spheres creates a calming effect, providing comfort and tranquillity during challenging times.

Embrace the versatility of this fidget ring, discreetly allowing you to find solace and relief wherever you are. Whether at work, in social settings, or taking a moment for yourself, this ring will be there to ease your mind and alleviate stress.

Experience the joy of movement and the therapeutic benefits of our "Spinning Spheres of Silver" Fidget Ring. Let the soothing sensation become an essential part of your daily routine, offering relaxation and peace whenever you need it most.


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