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Sterling Silver Gold Baroque Pearl Irregular Drop Earrings

Sterling Silver Gold Baroque Pearl Irregular Drop Earrings

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Embrace Natural Beauty and Inner Power with “Cardea's Calling” Pearl Earrings from the Venus Collection. Crafted with the artistry of Hephaestus, these stunning earrings are your symbol of strength and empowerment.

Material: Gold-plated Silver | Baroque Pearl

Size: 2.5"

Step into your own divine power with Cardea's Calling. These bold earrings boast irregular geometric shapes that embody the untamed spirit of nature. Fashioned from gold-plated silver, they radiate a glow that empowers you to open any door in your way.

At the end of each earring, a baroque pearl delicately rests, symbolising your inner strength and protection. Just like the goddess Cardea, you become the guardian of your own destiny, fearlessly navigating life's journey.

The fusion of gold-plated silver and baroque pearls represents the blend of modern elegance and natural ingenuity. Each genuine pearl is as unique as you are, with its own imperfections and quirks.

Cardea's Calling holds a profound empowering message. Pearls are renowned for their protective energy, shielding you from negativity and empowering you to embrace your inner strength. They symbolise resilience, intuition, and the power of self-discovery.

Experience the fusion of elegance, natural beauty, and unwavering strength with Cardea's Calling from the Venus Collection. Unleash your inner power, celebrate your femininity, and let the world witness exactly who you are.


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