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Lava Rock | Onyx Geode & Tila Beads Wrap Bracelet

Lava Rock | Onyx Geode & Tila Beads Wrap Bracelet

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Step into the embrace of strength and protection with our stunning "Sentinel's Shield" Wrap Bracelet from the Egret collection. This beautiful bracelet features four strands of natural crystal beads intricately woven together with a sturdy leather cord and finished off with a perfect Onyx geode slice.

Material: Tila Beads | Lava Rock | Onyx | Leather cord

Size: 32.5 inches with 3 closures

Let the "Sentinel's Shield" bracelet be a powerful companion on your journey, symbolising strength and protection. The black Onyx, a formidable stone, absorbs and transforms negative energy, serving as a shield against external influences. It provides a sense of stability and inner courage during times of stress, confusion, or grief, empowering you to face challenges with resilience and grace.

With its 32.5-inch length and three closures, this wrap bracelet ensures a comfortable and adjustable fit, allowing you to effortlessly wear it on your wrist. As it encircles your wrist, experience its energy and let its protective aura envelop you. while it instils a profound sense of confidence and courage, reminding you of your inner strength and the unwavering support that surrounds you.

More than just a fashionable accessory, the "Sentinel's Shield" bracelet is a symbol of resilience, wear it as a talisman, a powerful reminder of your ability to navigate life's challenges and emerge stronger than before.


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