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Our relationship with healing crystals | Gemstone jewellery properties

Crystals are amazing, they were forged during the Earth's creation and have been used by humans since the dawn of our time.

They are a huge part of our daily life and we mostly don’t even know it. They are used in satellites, mobile phones, watches and even used to create the electronic equipment to help power our spacecraft! They have been invaluable to our evolution & have literally helped us to fly to the moon.

Our ancestors knew the different healing powers that each crystal holds, they were used in medicine and as sleep aids, even given as a form of protection. So, it is not surprising that to this day gemstones are still a large part of our lives. Most of us not even realising the reasons we are attracted to them. They have a way of coming to us at the right time without us even knowing why. Perhaps as a gift from a loved one or being captivated by a piece of jewellery as we pass by a shop window.

No two stones are identical, rather like us humans. They all come with their own imperfections and quirks. Each little stone created in the earth has an individual power to help inspire or heal you.

Wearing natural Gemstone jewellery is much more than just decorations even if we don’t know it. We absorb the energy from the stone through our skin, every touch can help us to heal both mentally and physically and find a deeper connection to the world around us. The stones can even change as they absorb our energy in return, they sometimes change colour or gain new imperfections. or the vibrations you get when touching the stone can change. they can consume negativity, help us to become more susceptible to love or aid in healing old wounds.

When you hold a crystal in your hand you can feel the heat radiating from it. You pulse with the energy that was used to create this perfect piece of nature.

Rose Quartz is used as the ‘Love stone’ It helps us to attract love an improves fertility.

Onyx can help dissolve stress, it is a grounding stone, it helps you feel safe and gives you a connection to the earth.

Amethyst is a balancing stone. It helps dissolve emotional issues and can cure nightmares. The list goes on and on. Whatever your requirement is there is always the perfect gemstone for you.

Of all the reasons to own natural gemstone jewellery personal preference is the greatest. Go with your instincts, do a little research, find the right piece that feels as if it was created for only you.

*with thanks to Witch Aesthetic

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