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Turquoise Disc Stacking Bracelet

Turquoise Disc Stacking Bracelet

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Unleash your vibrant energy and make a bold statement with our "Spirit Whisper" Adjustable Stacking Bracelet from the Egret Collection. Handcrafted with care, this bracelet showcases the natural beauty of turquoise, intricately woven together with a sturdy brown cord.

Length: Adjustable from 6" to 10" Width: 4mm

Whether worn solo or combined with your favourite bracelets, this bracelet effortlessly lefts up any ensemble, adding a touch of style and personality.

Let's delve into the mesmerising world of turquoise.

Turquoise, one of the oldest protection amulets, holds profound symbolism across ancient cultures. It embodies strength, offering protection from harm and fostering psychic sensitivity. Acting as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, turquoise grounds us while keeping us open to the spirit realm. Native American cultures regard turquoise as a powerful conduit for expanding the mind and embracing the limitless possibilities of the universe.

Symbolising friendship, " Spirit Whisper" stimulates romantic love, cultivating deep connections and fostering harmony. As a purification stone, it dispels negative energy and shields against external influences, empowering you to navigate life's journey with clarity and positivity.

Bask in the beauty and symbolism of "Spirit Whisper" Adjustable Stacking Bracelet, a powerful talisman that celebrates friendship, love, and the pursuit of inner purity. With its enchanting turquoise gemstone and exquisite craftsmanship, this bracelet is an invitation to express your unique style and embrace the energy it brings.


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