Tibetan Dzi Agate Beaded Mala Turquoise Geode Necklace

A long tribal hippie necklace from the Egret collection, gipsy style with hand knotted gemstone beads and Turquoise Druzy pendant.

The delicate Turquoise Druzy slice has snake skin like shades attained within the amulet, which is complemented with the exquisite authentic Tibetan Dzi Agate & Jasper beads. 

All metal parts are gold plated and 100% nickel free.

Length 33" Long

Material: Tibetan Dzi Agate | Jasper | Gold coloured beads | Turquoise Druzy 

The Tibetan word Dzi translates into “Shine, bright, clearness and splendour” and it is easy to see why. With its striking snake skin like appearance of blue and black waves the Dzi Agate stone is clearly one of a kind.

The Dzi stone protects the wearer from negative energies. One thing to remember concerning these curious little stones is this, a Dzi stone may repel things, but it also can store them. When a negativism comes at you, your stone may block it or absorb it. They can also give very positive energies to you, while absorbing a bit of your energy in the process. In other words, a bit of them goes into you and a bit of you will go into them. They are said to be a great defender against accidents and can be worn as a protection amulet. They are a wonderful stone to attract wealth and prosperity, love, happiness and wisdom.



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