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Sterling Silver Rough Opal Stud Earrings

Sterling Silver Rough Opal Stud Earrings

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A stunning set of Opal earrings from the Egret collection.

These natural rough Opal stones are cut straight from the earth and placed into Sterling Silver claw settings. They have not been polished or disturbed giving you their natural pale white colour and something pure with all the healing benefits that come with that. 

Material: Opal | 925 Sterling Silver

Size: 7mm

Roughly 3ct  

Opals are said to have the power to steal the breath away from anyone who beholds them. Despite the superstition the opal had in its chequered past, it has been redeemed in the 20th century and is today an absolute favourite gemstone. Opals are used to absorb and reflect light and in doing so can also be a wonderful aid to absorb thought and feelings. An opal has a unique power of being able to bring out its wearer’s traits, good or bad, and bring hidden characteristics and desires to the surface. The opal is an intensive stone, it is seductive and exaggerates emotional states whilst releasing inhibitions. Opals can also be used to enhance memory, imagination and creativity because of their ability to bring down our barriers. It has the power to ignite passion and has strong associations with healing and love.

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