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Sterling Silver Irregular knot Ring

Sterling Silver Irregular knot Ring

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Enchanting Knot Ring: A Symbol of Eternal Love and Style in the Venus Collection.  This exquisite ring is expertly moulded from high-quality sterling silver, forming intricate sweeping lines that delicately wrap around your finger.

Material:  Sterling Silver

Ring Size: 6L -10 M-T

Width: 1.3cm

The Knot represents the eternal bond of love and unity. Its graceful design symbolises the intertwining paths of two people, forever connected in a journey of love and companionship. With its beauty and profound symbolism, this ring is a perfect reflection of the Venus Collection's ethos.

Let the ring serve as a constant reminder of the infinite love and connection that exists in your life. Embrace its enchanting beauty and wear it with pride, knowing that it represents not only your unique style but also the enduring bond of love that surrounds you.

Experience the fusion of style, symbolism, and exquisite craftsmanship with the Knot Ring from the Venus Collection. Discover a world where fashion and meaning intertwine seamlessly, empowering you to express your individuality and celebrate the eternal love that enriches your journey.


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