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Sterling Silver Nature Leaf Charm Ring

Sterling Silver Nature Leaf Charm Ring

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A unique Sterling Silver leaf charm ring from the Egret collection. Made from sterling silver & moulded into leaf shapes with a delicate silver ball charm suspended from the other end. Watch the surface catch the light to reflect the coolness of the silver setting act as the perfect back drop for this luminous ring.

Height: 1.6cm 

Material: Sterling Silver 

The ring can be re-sized 

Trees and leaves have a deep-rooted meaning in virtually every culture to walk the earth. The symbol of the tree of life has been around for centuries. A tree can be a representation of families and is often used to show our ancestral heritage. “To put down roots," is widely used as a metaphor for a long-lasting relationship or a place to call home. They can be a reminder of a new beginning or a fresh start by turning over a new leaf. They can be a souvenir of our relationship with nature or a cue to remember our hopes and dreams. Whatever reason you choose to wear a tree or leaf jewellery make sure that it resonates from deep within you as it is important to remember we are all on our own spiritual path.

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