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Egret Jewellery

Silver Grey Shell & Sodalite Dangle Earrings

Silver Grey Shell & Sodalite Dangle Earrings

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Get ready to rock the 'Serenity Stone Earrings' from the Egret collection! These earrings are all about embracing the joy and serenity. Handcrafted with passion, they feature beautiful Sodalite stones that are thought to bring a sense of order and calmness to the mind.

Let these earrings be your personal cheerleaders, encouraging rational thought, objectivity, and truth. Sodalite is known to enhance intuition and help verbalise feelings with confidence. With their soothing properties, they bring emotional balance and help to calm panic attacks, allowing you to navigate life with serenity and stability.

Materials: Sodalite | Shell | Silver-Plate

Earring Length: 2 inches

Not only are the 'Serenity Stone Earrings' a stunning accessory, but they also come with the meaningful properties of Sodalite. This gemstone can have a positive effect on well-being, boosting self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-trust, empowering the wearer to embrace their unique qualities and be authentically themselves.

So, go ahead and put on the 'Serenity Stone Earrings' and let them soothe your mind with their calming energies. Get ready to rock your style with a sense of peace and let your true self shine.


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