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Rough Aura Quartz Tiara Mermaid Headband

Rough Aura Quartz Tiara Mermaid Headband

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A stunning raw crystal Mermaid crown from the Egret collection, made with deep cobalt blue flame Aura Quartz and delicately wrapped with silver plated copper wire this headband is a really unique piece.  

The deep blue of the sea paired with the organic wires gives this tiara its forged in nature look. The iridescence of the aura crystals mimics the shimmering seas & shine all the colours of the rainbow when hit by sunlight. 

Headband diameter: 5"-7" 

Crystal height: 1.7"

Healing properties of Aura Quartz 

Aura Quartz Emotional Healing Energy. Aura Quartz crystals provide a calm, relaxing effect on the emotional body and are soothing and healing to the aura. They are exceptional for releasing negativity and stress, old wounds, and long-held doubts about one's self-worth

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