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Picasso Stone Stacking Bracelet

Picasso Stone Stacking Bracelet

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A gorgeous stacking bracelet from the Egret collection.

Natural crystals, woven onto leather cords with jute. 


Material: Leather | Picasso Stone

Picasso Stone is aptly named. It looks like someone made brush strokes in usually browns and blacks on the crystal, giving it some very unique markings. Picasso Stone is actually a Marble. This crystal is for artists and other creative souls. Picasso Stone helps you understand your soul's choices for this life and helps you cooperate in those lessons you must learn and get through the necessary changes in an easy manner. It helps you to see and feel a part of the "I AM". It allows our intuitive abilities to communicate well with your intellect so that you fully understand in this plane of existence.
Picasso Stone connects you with galactic beings and their "light" energy. Through this connection, your subconscious and intuitive minds will become more and more a part of your physical being. Picasso Stone can be used to reach the highest state of meditation and also aids in exact dream recall. It is also good for balancing your day-to-day existence in this life. 

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