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Turquoise Jasper Geode Elastic Stacking Bracelet

Turquoise Jasper Geode Elastic Stacking Bracelet

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Step into the world of effortless style and natural beauty with our stunning beaded stacking bracelet from the Egret collection.

Crafted with care, this bracelet features Jasper and Turquoise beads elegantly strung onto elastic, providing a comfortable and adjustable fit. The crowning glory of this piece is a beautiful geode slice that adds a touch of uniqueness to each bracelet, as no two are alike.

Material: Turquoise | Jasper | Elastic

Length: Adjustable from 6" to 9"

Embrace the individuality of each stone bead, as they vary in depth of colour and markings, creating a visual dance for the eyes. Feel the energy of these natural elements as they intertwine in perfect harmony.

For an enhanced effect, dare to combine two or more bracelets, creating a layered look that expresses your personal style.

Turquoise, a gemstone with a rich history, serves as the focal point of this bracelet. It has been revered as one of the oldest protection amulets, symbolising strength and safeguarding against harm. Its connection to the spirit world and psychic sensitivity makes it a bridge between Heaven and Earth, grounding us while keeping our minds open to the infinite possibilities of the Universe.

In many ancient cultures, Turquoise was considered a symbol of wealth, friendship, and romantic love. Its purifying properties dispel negative energy, allowing you to stay shielded from outside influences.


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