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Black Seed Beads Stacking Bracelet

Black Seed Beads Stacking Bracelet

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Presenting a unique addition to the Egret collection, discover our nature-inspired stacking bracelet. Carefully handcrafted to perfection, this understated piece highlights the earthy charm of Turquoise, seed beads, Howlite, and brass beads intricately woven together with a durable cord. Embrace the natural essence of this bracelet, reflecting the beauty of the great outdoors. Perfect for those who seek a connection to the elements, it effortlessly complements your everyday style with a touch of rustic elegance.

Materials: Turquoise | Seed Beads | Howlite | Brass Beads | Cord

Size: Adjustable 16-22cm

Height: 2 inches

Turquoise, renowned as one of the oldest protection amulets, embodies strength, psychic sensitivity, and a deep connection to the spiritual realm. It acts as a grounding force while remaining receptive to spiritual guidance, making it an ideal companion for those seeking balance and harmony.

Embrace the beauty and protective qualities of Turquoise with our extraordinary stacking bracelet from the Egret collection. Let this exceptional piece be a symbol of strength, spiritual connection, and timeless elegance.

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