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Amazonite Beaded Stacking Bracelet

Amazonite Beaded Stacking Bracelet

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Embrace the empowering energy of the "Guiding Voice" Amazonite Bracelet from the Egret collection. Hand-strung with beautifully carved Amazonite beads, this bracelet embodies the healing qualities of this wonderful gemstone.

Material: Amazonite | Cord Length: Adjustable from 16cm to 21cm Beads: 6mm

Known for its ability to promote clear and honest communication, Amazonite serves as a gentle guide, allowing you to express your true thoughts and feelings with clarity and authenticity.

With its calming energy, Amazonite encourages a balanced perspective, helping you view challenges from different angles and seek peaceful resolutions. It accompanies you on a journey to inner harmony and personal growth.

The adjustable length of this bracelet ensures a comfortable and customised fit for your wrist, while the 6mm beads strike the perfect balance between elegance and versatility.

Embrace the soothing vibrations and positive influence of Amazonite with the "Guiding Voice" Bracelet. Let it serve as a symbolic reminder to communicate with authenticity, seek balance in all aspects of life, and navigate challenges with grace and peaceful resolve.

Experience the power of the "Guiding Voice" Bracelet and let its energy guide you on a path of clear expression, balanced perspectives, and harmonious interactions.

Please note that each Amazonite bead is unique, reflecting its natural variations in colour and pattern. This ensures that your "Guiding Voice" Bracelet is a truly individual piece, as distinctive as the wearer is.

Embrace the empowering energy of the "Guiding Voice" Amazonite Bracelet and embark on a journey of self-discovery, conscious communication, and inner harmony.


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