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Rough Arrowhead Rose Quartz Necklace

Rough Arrowhead Rose Quartz Necklace

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Experience the elegance of "Love's Arrow" with this stunning long Rose Quartz necklace from the Egret collection. The delicate gold chain gracefully holds small gold balls, leading to a crowning arrowhead Rose Quartz slice, beautifully combining nature's charm with refined craftsmanship.

Material: Rose Quartz | Gold
Pendant Size: 3.5cm x 2cm
Chain Length: 60cm (adjustable)

Crafted from natural raw Rose Quartz and surrounded by 18t gold, the pendant emanates an aura of love and harmony. The Rose Quartz, known as the stone of universal love, works to restore trust and foster unconditional affection in relationships. It opens the heart at all levels, encouraging self-love, deep inner healing, and peaceful feelings.

Embrace the symbolic significance of "Love's Arrow" as it becomes a tangible representation of love, trust, and serenity. Allow its soothing energy to resonate with your heart, promoting harmony and affection in your life. Wear this necklace with pride and let it be a reminder of the enduring power of love.

With "Love's Arrow" around your neck, express your love and appreciation for yourself or gift it to someone special, making each moment a celebration of love's timeless allure.

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