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Rose Quartz Gold Arrowhead Earrings

Rose Quartz Gold Arrowhead Earrings

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Egret Jewellery's "Whispers of Love" Rose Quartz Earrings. Carefully crafted, these earrings feature raw Rose Quartz skilfully cut into arrowhead shapes for a distinct and unique look.

Material: Gold | Rose Quartz
Stone Size: 22-28x15-20mm

Encased in gold leaf and suspended from gold-plated hooks, these earrings offer a unique blend of natural beauty and style. With a length of 28mm, they delicately hang below the ear, achieving a beautiful balance of nature and feminine grace.

Rose Quartz, celebrated as the stone of universal love, gives its energy to these earrings. Fostering trust, harmony, and unconditional love, Rose Quartz opens the heart at all levels, promoting self-love, inner healing, and peace.

Wear the 'Whispers of Love' earrings as a timeless expression of romance and serenity, adding a touch of gentle Rose Quartz energy to your day.

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