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Rough Onyx Silver Arrowhead Necklace

A stunning arrowhead Onyx necklace from the Egret collection.  

A delicate silver chain attached to a crowning arrowhead onyx slice. 

Length: 18"

Pendant length: 3.5cm

Material: Silver | Onyx

Onyx is perfect for soothing the stress of everyday life because it works to bring harmony to the work-life balance with its grounding effects that make you feel safe and anchors you to the earth. It was used to protect and strengthen warriors in battle by carvings on swords and shields. is perhaps the best talisman of Strength and Self-mastery on the planet? This stone connects to the body, to belonging to the earth and family, and putting down roots.


Natural long Rough Raw Onyx Necklace Silver Boho Druzy Geode Arrowhead point - Egret Jewellery