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Egret Jewellery

Turquoise Gold Drop Earrings

Turquoise Gold Drop Earrings

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Experience the tranquillity of the sea with our "Seafoam Whispers" Earrings from the Egret Collection. These stunning earrings feature genuine Turquoise gemstones that evoke the serene beauty of the ocean. Carefully handcrafted and polished, each earring showcases the natural lines and patterns within the Turquoise, making them truly unique.

Material: Gold-Plated Silver | Turquoise

Size: 4.5cm

Turquoise, an ancient protection amulet, holds powerful attributes. It symbolises strength, sensitivity, and a connection to spirit. As a bridge between Heaven and Earth, Turquoise grounds us while allowing our hearts to remain open to infinite possibilities. It is also believed to foster friendship and stimulate romantic love.

In addition to its symbolism, Turquoise serves as a purification stone, dispelling negative energy and offering protection against external influences.

Embrace the harmonious fusion of nature's beauty and the healing essence of Turquoise with our "Seafoam Whispers" Earrings. Whether worn individually or paired with other jewellery, these earrings will echo with the treasures of our Earth, inspiring peace and inner harmony. Let the gentle whispers of the sea guide you on a journey of unity and connection with nature's wonders.


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