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Beaded Solar System Stacking Bracelet

Beaded Solar System Stacking Bracelet

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Discover the beauty of our beaded bracelet from the Egret collection. This stunning piece embodies both elegance and profound meaning, with each natural gemstone bead representing a unique planet in our vast cosmos, harnessing its distinctive healing properties.

Our solar system bracelets serve as powerful symbols of infinite possibilities and a deeper spiritual connection to ourselves and the universe. They inspire creativity and an open-minded perspective that transcends boundaries.

Materials: Tigers Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Goldstone, Jasper, Moonstone, Shell, Fire-Stone, Kuco Nut, Amazonite, Grey Agate, Cord

Size: Adjustable from 15cm to 22cm

Experience the wisdom and enhanced judgment that Lapis Lazuli stimulates in the practical world. This remarkable crystal activates the higher mind, fostering intellectual growth, knowledge-seeking, and a deeper understanding of the world around us. Its positive effects extend to memory enhancement as well.

Immerse yourself in the Solar System bracelet from the Egret collection. Crafted with exquisite materials and inspired by the celestial bodies, this bracelet not only adds a touch of elegance to your style but also invites you to explore the profound wisdom and connection within the cosmos.

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