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Amethyst Howlite Beaded Mala Necklace Tree of life

Amethyst Howlite Beaded Mala Necklace Tree of life

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Discover the beauty of the Egret collection with this stunning beaded necklace.  Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it features beautifully knotted gemstone beads and a stunning purple tassel.

The necklace is complemented by a beautiful gold tree of life charm, symbolising the eternal connection between all beings throughout time.

Material: Amethyst | Howlite | Amazonite | Cord

Length: 40"

Amethyst is known to address various physical ailments, emotional issues, and assists in energy healing and Chakra balancing. It is also known for its ability to aid in the curing of nightmares, insomnia, and crown chakra balancing.

This incredibly versatile stone stimulates and soothes the mind simultaneously, providing a harmonious experience. Its presence brings tranquility and balance to your everyday life.

Please note that each necklace is unique, showcasing the natural variations in gemstone beads, ensuring that your piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Egret collection and embrace the transformative energy of the Amethyst Mala necklace. Shop now at Egret Jewellery!

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