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Egret Jewellery

Natural Cordierite Beaded Hamsa Mala Necklace

Natural Cordierite Beaded Hamsa Mala Necklace

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A long-beaded necklace from the Egret collection, Mala style with beads perfect for running your fingers across to aid with meditation. It is finished off with a crowning piece of natural Cordierite & A delicate gold Hamsa charm. 

Material: Cordierite | Gold Plate | Cord  

Length 27"

Beads: 6mm

Cordierite is used for helping to clear vision and problems with eyesight, as well as healing the heavy suffocating emotions of a heavy heart. It converts one kind of energy to another. It shifts negative pockets, allowing light to enter.

By its gentle energy, this crystal teaches us gratefulness and gratitude. Some believe this is one crystal blessed by the Goddess and best used at night, under a full moon and out in nature.

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