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Green Jasper | Rose Quartz Cuff Bracelet

Green Jasper | Rose Quartz Cuff Bracelet

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Explore the calming beauty of our "Emerald Waters" cuff bracelet from the Egret Collection. This stunning piece is crafted with natural gemstones, carefully cut into oblong shapes, and expertly woven onto leather cords with jute.

Material: Rose Quartz | Impression Jasper | Turquoise

Length: 10 inches with 3 closures

Width: 1.5cm

The Healing Energies: Emerald Waters is a kaleidoscope of colours and healing properties. The vibrant green of Impression Jasper symbolises tranquillity, nurturing a sense of peace and balance within. It encourages positive energy flow and a deep connection with the natural world.

Rose Quartz, the stone of universal love, adds delicate pink hues to this bracelet. It opens your heart to love, self-love, and deep inner healing, promoting harmony and trust in relationships.

Turquoise, with its perfect blue shades, enhances communication and self-expression. It's a stone of protection, offering solace to the spirit and strengthening inner serenity.

Embrace the Healing: Wear the "Emerald Waters" cuff bracelet to immerse yourself in the soothing energies of nature. Let its vibrant colours and healing properties wash over you, nurturing mind, body, and spirit.


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