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Tibetan Copper Disc Stacking Bracelet

Tibetan Copper Disc Stacking Bracelet

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Embrace the serene energy of the "Sacred Peace" Tibetan Beaded Bracelet from the Egret collection. This stunning bracelet features a string of copper beads, carrying a profound spiritual significance rooted in Tibetan culture.

Material: Copper | Thread Width: 4mm

Length: Adjustable from 15 to 20cm

The copper beads in this bracelet symbolise strength, protection, and divine energy. Wearing this bracelet allows you to connect with ancient traditions and channel positive energy into your daily life. As you move your fingers along the creases of the bracelet, you can recite mantras to help keep you grounded and focused on the task ahead.

Tibetan culture holds deep reverence for copper and its therapeutic effects on the body. For centuries, copper has been believed to possess properties that ease inflammation and pain. Wearing a pure copper bracelet can work wonders for energy levels and immunity, benefiting both physical and spiritual well-being.

Experience the beauty and spiritual significance of the "Sacred Peace" Tibetan Beaded Bracelet. Each bead holds a story, and as you wear this bracelet, you carry a piece of ancient wisdom and divine connection. Let its presence on your wrist serve as a reminder of your inner strength and the protection that surrounds you.


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