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Black Onyx Beaded Shamballa Bracelet

Black Onyx Beaded Shamballa Bracelet

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Get ready to make a bold statement with our striking Onyx stacking bracelet from the Egret collection. This bracelet is not only a fashion accessory but also a connection to the rich tapestry of history. Let your fingers trace the intricate patterns of the bracelet while reciting mantras, grounding yourself and staying focused on your journey ahead.

Material: Silver Copper | Onyx | Thread

Length: 15-20cm

The power of black Onyx as a protection stone is unparalleled. It absorbs and transforms negative energy, ensuring your personal energy remains intact. During times of stress, confusion, or grief, this bracelet serves as a source of emotional and physical strength and stamina. It empowers you to face challenges head-on and emerge stronger than ever.

Designed to be versatile, this stacking bracelet is a perfect addition to your wrist whether worn alone or combined with other pieces. Its length of 15-20cm ensures a comfortable fit for various wrist sizes, making it an ideal choice for both men and women.

Step into the world of timeless elegance and strength with our stunning Onyx stacking bracelet. Let its profound qualities be a reminder of your inner power and resilience. Embrace the protection it offers as you navigate life's twists and turns, always staying true to yourself.

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