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Amazonite & Turquoise Beaded Geode Necklace

Amazonite & Turquoise Beaded Geode Necklace

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A beaded geode necklace by the Egret Colleciton, a captivating piece that combines hand-carved Jasper and Amazonite beads.

Material: Jasper, Amazonite, Leather

Length: 35.5 inches

Crafted with precision and care, this necklace showcases the natural beauty of Jasper and Amazonite gemstones. Each bead is meticulously carved to create a unique and enchanting design that will enhance your style.

With a length of 35.5 inches, this necklace gracefully drapes around your neck, adding a touch of elegance to any ensemble. The combination of earthy Jasper and vibrant Amazonite beads creates a vibrant blend of colours, reflecting the beauty of nature.

Experience the energy and healing properties of these natural gemstones. Jasper is known for its grounding and stabilising qualities, while Amazonite promotes balance and harmony. Feel their positive vibrations as you wear this necklace close to your heart.

Embrace the mystique and enchantment of the Long Geode Necklace, a symbol of your unique journey and connection to the natural world. Whether you're a spiritual seeker or a fashion enthusiast, this necklace will make a stunning addition to your collection.


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