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Labradorite & Fluorite Handmade Mala Arrowhead Necklace

Labradorite & Fluorite Handmade Mala Arrowhead Necklace

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Dive into tranquillity with Egret Jewellery's "Serenity Waves" Mala Necklace, a perfect blend of Labradorite, Fluorite, and Quartz beads, crowned by a Labradorite Arrowhead.

Material: Labradorite | Fluorite | Quartz | Cord

Length: 30 inches

Crafted with love and intention, the "Serenity Waves" Mala Necklace beautifully intertwines natural gemstone beads, each hand-knotted to ensure both durability and beauty. At its core, the necklace features peaceful Fluorite, magical Labradorite, and soothing Quartz beads.

Fluorite is known for its calming properties, fostering emotional balance and mental clarity. Labradorite brings a sense of transformation, inner strength, and self-discovery. Together with Quartz, which amplifies the energies of other stones, this Mala Necklace acts as a powerful talisman for inner peace and serenity.

Wearing the "Serenity Waves" Mala Necklace invites you to embrace calmness and self-discovery. It resonates with the soothing rhythm of natural gemstones and offers a sense of inner peace, unity, and mindfulness.

Please note that each gemstone is unique, resulting in slight variations in colour and pattern, making your necklace as individual as you are.

Experience the serenity of natural gemstones and the rhythm of inner peace with the "Serenity Waves" Mala Necklace. Let it accompany you on a journey of calm and self-discovery.

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