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Olive Nut Reiki Beaded Bracelet

Olive Nut Reiki Beaded Bracelet

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Embrace the essence of nature with the "Healing Grove" Olive Nut Bracelet, a timeless creation from the Egret collection.

Crafted from genuine Olive Nut, each bead is thoughtfully connected on a sleek black cord, forming an understated unity.

Material: Olive Nut | Cord
Length: 14cm-20cm (adjustable)
Width: 6.3mm

Delicately shaped by hand into intricate bone-inspired forms, these Olive Nut beads embody both beauty and a connection to the earth. Olive nuts are known for their remarkable durability, enduring for up to a century—a testament to their sustainability and lasting connection to the natural world.

Their eco-friendly essence complements a free-spirited lifestyle, making them an ideal choice for those who appreciate nature's gifts. Combined with the natural cord, they create an accessory that aligns with a vegan-friendly and fair-trade ethos while remaining utterly unique.

Allow the " Healing Grove " Olive Nut Bracelet to echo your affinity for nature's wonders. Mix and match with other bracelets for an earthy ensemble that resonates with you.

Experience the gentle healing energy that this bracelet carries, an ever-present reminder of the enduring beauty found within nature's embrace.


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