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Rough Amethyst Arrowhead Necklace

Rough Amethyst Arrowhead Necklace

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Embark on an inspiring Amethyst journey with this beautiful necklace from the Egret collection.

Crafted with care, a delicate golden chain featuring small gold balls leads to a striking arrowhead Amethyst slice, effortlessly combining elegance and the wonders of nature. The pendant showcases a raw Amethyst embraced by 18K gold.

Pendant Size: 3.5cm x 2cm

Length: 45cm

Material: Amethyst | Gold

Amethyst is renowned for its unique qualities that are said to promote physical well-being and emotional balance. It is associated with energy healing and Chakra balancing, and said to help alleviate nightmares, insomnia, and help regulate the crown chakra. This versatile stone both stimulates and soothes the mind. Embrace the wonderful beauty and therapeutic properties of this Amethyst necklace, allowing its energy to accompany you on a profound journey of self-discovery.



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