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Turquoise & Aura Quartz Arrowhead Wrap Bracelet

Turquoise & Aura Quartz Arrowhead Wrap Bracelet

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Discover the beauty of "The Arrow of Light" Aura Quartz Wrap Bracelet from the Egret collection. This stunning piece showcases a harmonious blend of natural gemstone beads, including Turquoise, Jasper, and Quartz, hand-strung to perfection. A stunning gold-surrounded Druzy slice adds an perfect touch, all delicately held in place with a natural cord.

Material: Quartz / Jasper / Turquoise / Cord

Vegan-friendly & Ethically Mined

Length: Approx. 50cm with 3 closures

Embrace the Healing Energies

Druzy is believed to be associated with peace, tranquillity, patience, intuition, and unconditional love. These stones amplify the body's natural healing properties and strengthen the spirit, promoting balance and dispelling negative emotions. The Druzies' ability to open blocked energy helps wearers find their own inner light, while also providing strength to the circulatory and immune systems and purifying the reproductive system. Additionally, Druzies can be useful for preventing infections.

The Iridescent Aura Quartz

"The Arrow of Light" Aura Quartz Bracelet captures the shimmering iridescence of metallic, rainbow-like gleam. Although the stones are artificially enhanced, the blend of natural Quartz crystal and precious metals creates a powerful fusion, offering unique healing energies to aid in the well-being of the wearer.

Aura Quartz crystals have been valued since the 1980s for their ability to expand consciousness and heal the physical and spiritual body. The high vibrations of Aura Quartz make it a prized gem for enhancing one's well-being and promoting a sense of harmony.


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