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Pink Aura Quartz Geode Wrap Bracelet Arrowhead

Pink Aura Quartz Geode Wrap Bracelet Arrowhead

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A stunning natural Aura Quartz wrap bracelet from the Egret collection. 

Beautifully hand strung natural gemstone beads of Turquoise, Jasper and Quartz. Finished off with a gold surrounded Druzy slice and perfectly held into place natural cord. 

This bracelet is a beautiful natural piece, vegan friendly & ethically mined. 

Length: Around 50cm and 3 closures

Material: Quartz / Jasper / Turquoise / Cord 

Druzy is believed to be associated with peace, tranquillity, patience, intuition, and unconditional love. They amplify the body’s natural healing properties and strengthen the spirit. They also provide the balance necessary to avoid depression or unnatural feelings of fear or dread. Druzies open blocked energy and assist its wearer in finding his or her own inner light. The stones healing properties strengthen the circulatory and immune systems, and purifies the reproductive system. Druzies can also be useful for preventing infection.

Not many people can resist the beauty of the Aura Quartz; its shimmering iridescence of metallic, rainbow-like gleam seems to defy the senses and enchant the eyes. Though the stones are artificially enhanced it is widely believed that the two elements bond to form as one and the wearer gains healing properties from both elements.

By electronically bonding the precious metals onto the surface of the natural Quartz crystal you create a permanent blending of the two original elements as well as forming a brand-new set of energies to aid in healing.

Aura Quartz crystals have been around since the 1980’s and are valued for their ability to expand the consciousness of the wearer. Due to their high vibrations, they are also prized for their gift to heal the physical and spiritual body. Though most practitioners prefer natural, untreated stones for their metaphysical work, many consider Aura Quartz with its pure components and synergistic energies, to be the exception to the rule.

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