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Dainty 18ct Gold Freshwater Seed Pearl Choker | Necklace

Dainty 18ct Gold Freshwater Seed Pearl Choker | Necklace

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Welcome to the world of divine beauty with the "Ceres' Reflection" Necklace from the Egret collection – a stunning piece that channels the nurturing energies of Ceres, the Roman goddess of fertility and abundance. This necklace is more than an accessory; it's a reflection of the divine and nurturing qualities that come from the Earth.

Crafted with attention to detail, the "Ceres' Reflection" Necklace showcases a graceful chain of gold-plated Titanium, symbolising the timeless and celestial. Dotting this necklace are 8 genuine freshwater pearls, symbols of purity and a connection to the nurturing essence of Ceres.

Material: Gold-plated Titanium, Freshwater Pearls
Size: Adjustable 16-18 inches

Pearls, with their luminescent beauty, hold unique healing properties. Like the gentle touch of Ceres, they bring a sense of calmness. Pearls are known for their ability to balance emotions, fostering qualities of purity, faith, and integrity. They resonate with the watery and lunar elements, soothing negativity and illuminating the path with their gentle radiance.

As you wear the "Ceres' Reflection" Necklace, let it be your source of strength, inspiring you to find balance and serenity amidst life's challenges.

Experience the power of "Ceres' Reflection" as it connects you to the healing energies of the Pearls and the nurturing embrace of the goddess Ceres. This necklace is more than a piece of Jewellery; it's a reflection of the beauty and wisdom found in the natural world.


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