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Agate, Onyx & Howlite Leather Wrap Bracelet

Agate, Onyx & Howlite Leather Wrap Bracelet

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An exquisite Wrap Bracelet from the Egret collection. Meticulously handcrafted, this bracelet features a captivating combination of natural stones, including Howlite, Agate, and Onyx, expertly woven onto leather cords with rustic jute.

Material: Howlite, Agate, Onyx, Leather

Size: 13 inches with 3 closures

Experience the comfort and versatility of this bracelet with its adjustable size of 13 inches and three convenient closures. The genuine leather and enchanting gemstones not only ensure durability but also add a touch of elegance to your everyday style.

Let the calming properties of Howlite soothe your mind, reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of tranquility. The strength and courage of Agate empower you, while Quartz amplifies your energy, enhances clarity, and sharpens your intuition. The protective qualities of Onyx shield you from negativity, boost your emotional and physical strength, and prevent energy drain.

Embrace the harmonising and grounding energies of these natural stones as they encase your wrist, bringing balance and serenity to your daily life. Each time you wear this stunning wrap bracelet, let it serve as a gentle reminder of your inner strength and connection to the natural world.

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