Brushed Sterling Silver Hallow Star Stud Earrings

Stunning star earrings from the Egret collection.

These studs are gently textured. They are made from fine sterling silver with silver backs and measure approx 56mm.

Due to the size these studs are perfect for children, or for adults who are looking for something subtle.

These studs are so cute an adaptable to any outfit, whether it be for a special occasion or for everyday wear.

The symbol of a star has always been steeped with awe and wonder, you only have to stare up into a clear night’s sky to experience the total realisation of inner peace and absolute insignificance all at the same time. Stars are majestic and untouchable it’s no wonder they have constantly been an inspiring sight for humanity. How many times have you gazed up into the heavens and made a wish? Or used the term, “Reach for the Stars,” to encourage someone you love?

If there is one image that is bursting with symbols it is the Star. Motivation, Protection, Encouragement, wishes and spirituality, the Star represents all of these. Giving a Star as a gift signifies excellence, loyalty and beauty making it perfect for romantic partners.


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