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Amazonite | Jasper Beaded Disc Stacking Bracelet

Amazonite | Jasper Beaded Disc Stacking Bracelet

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Add a touch of natural beauty to your ensemble with this natural stone stacking bracelet from the Egret collection. Whether worn alone or stacked with other bracelets, it exudes a stunning charm that is both aesthetically pleasing and deeply rooted in history. As you glide your fingers along the creases of the bracelet, immerse yourself in a moment of tranquility and recite mantras to ground yourself and maintain focus on your journey.

Material: Amazonite | Jasper | Thread | Brass.

Length: 15-22cm.

Crafted with a combination of Amazonite, Jasper, thread, and brass, this bracelet embodies a harmonious blend of natural elements. Each stone carries its own significance, adding depth and meaning to the bracelet's essence.

Amazonite, one of the featured gemstones in this bracelet, serves as a conduit for genuine self-expression and emotional clarity. It empowers you to communicate your thoughts and emotions authentically, free from the grip of over-emotionalism. Furthermore, Amazonite fosters a broader perspective, allowing you to understand different viewpoints and cultivate peace within yourself. By embracing Amazonite during sleep, you can unlock the symbolic potential of dreams, bringing these transformative elements into focus.

Experience the profound beauty and energy of this natural stone stacking bracelet. Its timeless elegance, historical significance, and healing properties make it a remarkable addition to your jewellery collection. Visit our website to explore our range of options and embrace the power of Amazonite.

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