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Sterling Silver Lotus Flower Ring

Sterling Silver Lotus Flower Ring

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Style meets symbolism with our "Sunrise Lotus" stacking ring. Crafted from stamped sterling silver with an intricate gold lotus symbol.

Product Details:

Material: Stamped Sterling Silver | Gold

Ring Size: Adjustable from 7.5 to 10 (M-T)

Height: 5mm

Embrace the Lotus:

Across cultures, the lotus is revered as a powerful symbol of growth and rejuvenation. Much like it rises with the morning sun from the depths of muddy waters, the lotus embodies resilience and transformation. In ancient Egyptian culture, it was associated with rebirth, the Sun, and creation, while in Buddhism, it signifies purity, spiritual awakening, and unwavering faith.

Lotus jewellery often signifies a profound connection to spiritual growth, purity, and faith. Whether you're embarking on a new life path or experiencing a profound spiritual awakening, the "Sunrise Lotus" stacking ring serves as a meaningful reminder of your unique journey.

Explore the Profound Symbolism:

Delve into the lotus's deep symbolism and beauty with our "Sunrise Lotus" stacking ring. It's more than just a piece of jewellery; it's a reflection of inner growth and the beauty that lies within.


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