925 Sterling Silver Lotus Flower Gold Adjustable Stacking Ring

An absolutely stunning stacking ring from the Egret collection. 

Moulded from sterling silver into an intricate gold lotus symbol, the ring is perfect for stacking or wearing alone. 

Material: Stamped sterling silver | Gold 

Ring Size: 7.5-10 M-T

Height: 5mm

For centuries, the lotus flower has been a symbol of growth and rebirth. It is considered to be a sacred flower across many cultures. Rising with the morning sun it rises from its muddy waters to bloom with unparalleled beauty. Once the sun has set it then submerges into the murky river and undaunted by its dark environment it miraculously re-blooms the next day.

Because of its behaviours the Egyptians associated it with rebirth, the Sun and creation. As the sun ascends in the morning so did the flower. The Egyptian book of the dead is known to include spells that can transform a person into a lotus flower, allowing them to be resurrected or reborn.

In Buddhism, the lotus flower is associated with purity, spiritual awakening and faith. As the flower resurfaces from its muddy river-bed clean and pure so do we move into our spiritual awakening born again.

Many people in western cultures wear lotus jewellery to signify spirituality, divine rebirth, purity and faith. Whatever the reason for obtaining one, it usually has a relationship to a change of path in life or some kind or spiritual growth.

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