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Why we all love Autumn so much | Egret Jewellery


So, Autumn is here again, the summer with its endless nights and days at the beach has been and gone and the crisp air of change returns to us once again. It’s long been pondered upon by greater minds than mine why we love this season so much. Many a great poet has written musing of its beauty. It seems to be a great source of inspiration to us and it’s hard not to see why.


Autumn is a wonderful time to inspire creativity, it has a romantic air about it. Bringing you back to memories of your childhood helps to inspire creativity. When you are child you are not bound by the same rules that apply in the adult world.


For me it symbolises great change, the world doesn’t look the same as it did a few weeks ago. It’s like looking at a painting of a place I recognise but no longer remember. Stepping out of the door, wearing a warm jumper and ankle boots, into a new world. Psychologists have often wondered why the season has this effect on people and the conclusion seems to be comfort.


There is comfort in wearing that big fluffy jumper, something wondrous about the smells. The shorter nights giving us more reasons to be at home with friends and family. The sound of the crunching leaves beneath our feet takes us back to the time when we were children, taking away our stresses and worries that so often accompany us into adulthood.


I find autumn interchangeable. You can quickly move from chilly mornings into bright sunny afternoons. Shedding the warm coffee, books and blankets for an ice cream, t-shirt and jeans as we wonder through the woods. I like the interchangeability, we are not stuck in one season or another.


So, this autumn why not utilise the inspiration and do something you have always wanted to do? Get outdoors, let your footsteps trace along the winding paths underneath the array of colours hanging just above. Walk along the dirt ridden paths kicking up leaves as high as they will go. Maybe you can document the shades of the world you see around you by taking pictures, with your phone or, dare I say, a real camera. Paint, muse over poetry, fly! Whatever it is you choose to do, enjoy the Autumn for the sense of change, of deep and rich colour and be inspired by the creativity around you provided by nature itself.




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