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Why snow brings out the inner child in all of us.

The snow has this uncanny ability to wash away all things unclean and make everything look pure and light. Its magical in its appearance. I love waking up at daylight and staring out across a snowy garden. Or the peace and quiet of an early morning walk through the woods, before footprints have disturbed the ground,

before anyone else on earth has been there, when the world is still and quiet. The snow still has this magical effect on me, it comes from somewhere long before the pressures of adult life took over. An excited little child waking up before a sea of white. The possibilities of the day ahead, how everything can change in an instant. It makes me wonder how one tiny thing can make such a huge impact? A once mundane scene of cars and houses can be transformed into a tranquil paradise from just a change in weather.

The snow makes me question my own thoughts. If with a simple a shift in perception we could change our day to day impressions of our lives.  Could they be altered by layering over the top of them with a coat of positivity? Because after all what really has changed? It’s still in the same house, I’m still the same, my garden is the garden I saw last week. The one I knew I needed to clear up before the summer. Where I looked out with dread at how much work was to be done. Now I’m staring out with this longing to be in it, I want to be part of the cascading white that goes on forever. Is It possible to cover up our negative thoughts like this? Bring down a veil of white across our lives? Only see the best of what we have, the best of what’s right in front of our faces? To wake up each morning with a sense of never ending excitement for the day ahead.

In swopping one thought for another we have the ability to do this. The mind is our most powerful commodity and we possess the ability to change it. To focus it on what is good, on what we want and what we love instead of dwelling on the negatives. When we do this our whole world changes right before our eyes and we wake up every morning with excitement and hope, just like that child inside all of us.

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