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The Symbolic meaning of Feathers | Egret Jewellery


The symbol of the feather has a deep spiritual meaning across many cultures. They represent a connection to spirit and to the divine universe. Native Americans believed that feathers fell to earth as gifts from the sky. Birds were revered as spirit guides who brought messages; teaching, guiding and protecting people. Because of a feathers’ connection to birds they have always been a symbol of flight and freedom. As a bird soars through a never-ending sky so can our mind soar and transcend our mental barriers by energising us to go above and beyond, setting us free on our spiritual path.

The Egyptians believed they were symbolic of sky gods and goddesses. The goddess Ma’at was said to weigh a person’s heart against the weight of a feather. If their heart weighed more, it was heavy with sin and therefore their soul was cast out.

Feathers have always had spiritual associations; for many they are a symbol that a loved one is watching over them. They can give a sense of hope and peace to someone experiencing loss and can be a source of strength for anyone who’s loved one has departed. For others, it is a sign that angels are close, guiding and shielding them and letting you know you are protected.

In Christianity feathers are connected with faith and prayer, a white feather is said to mean angels are listening to you. It is believed that sometimes an angel will use a feather to remind us that they are here and to give us encouragement by letting us know we are on the right path. Feathers can show up to prompt us to pay closer attention and to make sure our awareness is heightened by bringing our focus back to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions in that moment.

The meaning of finding a feather can be open to interpretation because of its connection to personal experience, they can have a different meaning for someone depending on their needs at the time.

Wearing feather jewellery is a great way to keep its symbolism close in your mind. Whether that is to remember a lost loved one or to feel safe in the knowledge that there is a higher power watching over you. Whatever your personal reason, wearing feather jewellery is great way to open a path to a deeper meaning and enlightenment.

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