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The Law of attraction


The law of attraction is in simple terms. Like attracts like.

Basically, it means we attract whatever we are or whatever we think about on a regular basis. Just imagine yourself as a large magnet. Whatever you are putting out into the world you are pulling back to you with force.

Quantum physicists have proven this theory, for more info look see:

 Quantum physics has proven that our thoughts can indeed influence matter.


The law of attraction is a wonderful law because we can control it. We are constantly wondering around believing that things just happen to us when in fact we are happening to the universe. Is it constantly pulling towards us what we think we want.

Now if you are not ready for this information you will probably just dismiss it as rubbish, but if you are like me and are fed up of not being in control of your own destiny then this is wonderful freedom with this information. When I was first introduced to it the information hit me like a ton of bricks. Oh, my goodness, I can change all the things happening to me in my life by just changing the thoughts and feeling I give out.

Easier said than done, right?


I have spent years studying it and reading and re-reading information to constantly program my brain to work the way I want it to. But since the day I was first introduced with it I have never again suffered with depression. Yes, sure I have down days but I no longer go into a deep could of depression living and re-living all the awful mistakes I’ve made over and over again. It has inexplicably changed who I am as a person for the better.


Every day we have a choice, do we wake up today feeling grateful or feeling sad. Do we smile or do we shout? Is today going to feel like a success or a failure?

It is your choice. When we put ourselves in a great state we see the world differently. If we stub our toe it’s Ok the pain will wear off. If we are met with anger when we drive along we brush it off. But if we are in a bad state those few little bits and pieces can really hurt us.

When we are feeling happy or grateful we see our lives differently. We see all the things we should be happy about. When we are in a bad state everything seems wrong. Even if we have great things in our lives we don’t notice them. They just fall into the background. And the absolute worst of it is when we are in a bad state all we are doing is attracting more of what we feel bad about. Have some cues, write a list of all the ways to get yourself into a good state when you start to feel your body turning downward. Think of things that make you smile. Put some music on that you love. Call someone who always makes you feel better.

Do whatever you can to change your state and your life will change beyond recognition.



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