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Showing gratitude as a way to achieve success | Egret Jewellery

When you show appreciation for all that you have in your life right now you will create more of what you love.

Appreciation is reflected by the way that you think and the way you think can either attract or repel what you desire.

If you are always complaining about the things that you do not have and disregarding all the great things that you currently have; you will be stuck with those same old things because by being ungrateful you are repelling better things from coming into your life.

Anytime that you experience something good in your life; you can create more of it just by being thankful.

Take time out as you move throughout your day to say thank you for all the things that you have acquired thus far.

Sometimes as I drive, I give a quick thank you for all the beautiful things that I see around me.

I say thanks for the beautiful scenery. If I see a pretty bird, or pretty flowers, I give thanks.

I make it into a game and as I am giving thanks; I see more and more beautiful things appearing before me.

When you are giving thanks, it is hard to be negative. 

So, for me giving thanks is one of the easiest ways to get myself into a great mood and when you are experiencing joy you are able to release resistance and attract great things into your life.

Another way to keep yourself feeling good, is to create a gratitude journal.

Before you go to bed you can list 10 or more things that you are thankful for that day. It can be something big or small. Such as "my cat did one of her tricks today and it made me smile."

As you appreciate yourself into sleep, you will have a more restful night and you will wake up feeling great and it will transcend throughout your day and you will attract more and more good things.

As you practice this every night you will place yourself into such a great mood. You will notice that people will be kinder to you because of the good vibrations that you are sending out into the universe.

Start everyday by saying thank you for all that you have right now.

Be thankful for all the money that you have even if you feel that it's not much. Just by being thankful you will create more prosperity into your life.

Be grateful for the all the love that you have in your life, even if you feel like it's only your family pet, just by being thankful more loving things and people will show up.

Just try it, and see how good it feels to show your appreciation all day long and watch all the good things that show up into your life, you will be truly amazed.

Sending Love and Happiness,




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