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New Year’s Eve Law of Attraction Gratitude Practices.

Another year has rushed by, Christmas has been and gone and we are getting ready to celebrate the start of a fresh new year. For many people, this is a perfect time to reflect, a time to start afresh and make sure past mistakes are not repeated. 


It is a cultural tradition to make resolutions, to write down what it is you want to do better this year? Whilst well-intentioned, setting resolutions is often a mistake. Only about 8% of them actually come about. Why is this? Because we are focusing on what we don’t want, we are putting all of our attention on to things we would like to change about our lives and not into being thankful for how far we’ve actually come. The law of attraction states what we focus on we bring about. So how about changing it up and focusing on all the triumphs of the year? Why don’t we manifest rather than reflect on all the negative parts? Sounds hard, right? It’s actually one of the easiest and most effective ways to bring about extraordinary changes to your life. How often do we sit and think about all of our great achievements or even realise just how many we’ve accomplished?

So often I read or hear people say that this year hasn’t been their year and maybe next year will be better. Try to change it up, think about all the great things that you have done and how amazing it is to be you. Gratitude is the most powerful way to get you in synch with the universe. To put you on a higher spiritual plane. Start making the universe work for you by devising clear goals and not continually attracting past mistakes by focusing on them. Stating, “I need to go on a diet,” just sends out universal thoughts about needing to lose weight which in turns keeps you in a constant state of requiring it. Therefore, you merely remain in a position where you perpetually need to and the universe thinks this is what you want because you are putting your energy into it. By concentrating on all the things, you have loved about this year it attracts into your life more of those wonderful things, so whatever you are thinking be positive!


We have a tradition in our family when after the big New Year’s Eve party, when the house is finally empty and we are on our own on New Year’s Day. We sit down as a family, all around a table and pull out last year’s empty old champagne bottle which we tucked away and slipped a rolled-up piece of paper into. On that piece of paper, we wrote all the things we wanted to have achieved by the end of the next year. It is our little family tradition and when we read it, it is amazing how many of those goals we thought about and wrote down that we have actually reached. It’s so easy to sit and think about all the things that didn’t work out right but until you can see it written in front of you on a piece of paper, you don’t realise everything you have actually accomplished. We can hardly ever remember half of the goals that we had written down, let alone be thankful for them. It not only puts your life into perspective but sends a clear message to the Universe that those are the goals that are important to us, that is the direction we want our life to head in. If you don’t declare it, it’s never really an aim but just a passing thought.  


So, this year leave the resolutions behind and sit down and write out your goals. Write down what it is that this year going to bring, what do you really want to have accomplish? Write it out and hide it away, not to be looked at again until the first day of 2019. You will be amazed by the results.


What we focus on expands and what we leave behind gently slips into the distance. Forget about all the things you want to walk away from and start to focus on what you want. That is where the real magic lies.


Happy New Year to you all

Egret Jewellery 



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