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How to drown out the negativity | Egret Jewellery


Negative thoughts are a part of our every day lives, some people more than others. They can consume us, make a great situation feel hopeless and even make it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

So how can we drown them out? How can we stop the seemingly unstoppable?

Is it even possible? Isn’t it just in our DNA?


Firstly, let’s look at why we have them. Human beings are hard wired to look after themselves. Fear or negative thoughts originated from our fight or flight tendencies, helping us to stay alive and act as warning sign. Now not many of us, in the Western world have to worry about wild animals or whether we will get to eat tonight so our thoughts have evolved into more of a guidance system. Showing us what path we are on and if it is where we want to be.

The problem with negative thoughts is they can spiral. One thought leads to another and another and soon you are gasping for breath and everything around you somehow feels wrong. Even the parts of your life you are lucky to have you don’t see anymore. Everything seems black and there is nowhere to turn.


So, is it even possible to climb out of this hole?

Well, absolutely it is. Thoughts are magnetic, one tiny thought attracts another along the same frequency. So, if it’s negative it attracts more negative but if it’s positive, well that’s a different ball game.


One small intentional positive thought can change your whole day. Thoughts snow ball, they tunnel around your mind getting larger and larger and sucking in all similar thoughts. So, grab onto the great ones. Even if you are not in a place where you can see them. Think of someone you love, a place you love or something you love about yourself.

Hold that thought in your mind for 17 seconds, once you have that more will come.


Changing your mentality can seem really hard, when you are sitting in the dark surrounded by mistakes you made in the past but it really can be so easy when you put your mind to it.

Write a list of the things you love, visualise your happy place. Curve the edges of your mouth upwards and hold onto that feeling.

This world is so beautiful and full of endless possibilities. We just have to reach out and grab them. 



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I needed to read that today, thank you ♡


Beautiful message ! Thank you for sharing 💜

Ashley Olson

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