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Healing Properties of Chrysocolla | Egret Jewellery

Chrysocolla is a powerful healing crystal, it carries with it the influence of nature and the promise of deeper communication with the world around us.

The first sight of the Earth from space is an image that is ingrained into all of our minds: the rolling blue of the sea twinned with shards of deep green jutting out. It is iconic and holds a profound response for all of us. Chrysocolla, with its hues of greens and blues, can’t help but remind us of our own planet and its healing properties mimic that of the Earth’s. Much like the feeling we get when we are staring out across a sandy beach, it brings with it a deep calming effect; a sense of inner peace only usually achieved when utterly at ease. It has the power to relieve anger and calm a jealous mind.

With peace comes tranquillity and a deeper connection to spirit. Chrysocolla holds a profound attachment to the Earth and Mother Nature. Holding a piece of it in your hand while you meditate can let you connect more freely with spirit and carries an intense relationship to the environment around us. It has a deeply calming effect and it is considered to be the perfect gemstone to release your feminine side. Wearing a piece of Chrysocolla close to your skin encourages you to let the goddess loose within and increases the capacity for self-love and love of one another. Deeply connected to the Earth, it vibrates with the purest energy of all; love.

Chrysocolla is a fantastic stone for communication, it carries forth the power in our words and actions and helps us to use them for the empowerment of ourselves and others. It is a wonderful teaching aid, bringing out our highest level of knowledge and teaching us to express it in a way that inspires others. This can come in the form of offering insights, helping to guide a loved one, or standing up in front of a room full of strangers. Chrysocolla helps us to choose our words wisely whilst making the biggest possible impact when using them. Because of its communication properties it is a wonderful aid for musicians, writers and artists, letting the wearer truly express themselves in a way that can inspire others and speak directly to them. It’s very essence is devoted to expression, teaching and empowerment. It allows you to fully connect to yourself and listen to the inner voice inside of you, bringing forth your compassions and inner strengths.

A strange property of Chrysocolla is its ability to make the wearer want to stay at home. It is often used by monks, diminishing anxiety and depression caused by staying in one place. This is a great aid for someone who has a wandering personality, always on the move and never able to stay still. It can help lessen the need to feel free and allow you to remain happy in one area.

If there is one stone that embodies the very essence of the Earth it is Chrysocolla, its captivating colours and broad range of healing properties makes it perfect for jewellery or meditating with. Whichever way you choose to use it, Chrysocolla will make a perfect addition to your healing crystal collection.



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I just love minerals, There so beautiful. I would like to learn more about minerals and there properties. Thanks so much for all the reading and pics.

Delphine Newman

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