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Christmas and the Law of Attraction | Egret Jewellery

December is just around the corner and we are busying around Christmas shopping and writing endless lists of all the wonderful things we need to buy. The trees have shed their leaves and the early morning frost has started to show itself on blades of grass outside. Christmas is such a wonderful time, the lights hanging from telegraph poles and wrapped around trees take us back to a time in our childhood full of wonder and awe. It’s not surprising that it is most people's favourite time of the year.


Having said that Christmas can be hard for many of us as we can notice the lack of things in our lives more. How, when we want to purchase so many things and want to feel the love that sometimes isn’t there, can we learn to focus on what we have, not what we are lacking? When we are focusing on what we are lacking we are not in tune with the universe and we are only bringing more lacking into our lives. When we are worrying how to afford some extravagant present or worrying “will my family all get along” we are bringing more things to worry about into our lives. It may seem hard but in order to bring more of what we want we must focus on the things we do have. The human tendency to strive for more and always want more can be a fantastic tool when we are focusing on goals but when it makes us focus on what is lacking it has the opposite effect.


Start to intentionally see the beauty that is all around you, look for the smiles on your children’s faces. Revel in their excitement at what lies ahead. Smile at the thought of a full belly and bulging tree even if you have no idea how you are going to get there.

Every time you make a purchase, beam at the casher and secretly say thank you to the universe for the money you have to buy it. Every time you focus on what you do have and send out loving thoughts towards that, you are bringing focusing attention on feeling good about your life.


It can be easy to get bombarded with frightening thoughts about the shopping you have to do, the Christmas cards you must write or even the cleaning that needs to be done. Make short lists of things to accomplish every day and start to tick them off one by one. Every time you buy a gift or achieve something give yourself a tap on the back. Acknowledge how great you actually are.


Whatever you do this Christmas make sure you do it with a smile on your face and love in your heart!


Happy holidays everyone.

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